Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soup for the hungry

Hundreds of people came to select a handmade pottery bowl donated by local artists and make a financial donation to the Eagan food shelf. Several local restaurants served soups and bread in Eagan's second annual "Empty Bowls" event, a food shelf fundraiser started several years ago and carried out in cities across the country.


jb said...

Excellent concept. We've done the same at the ceramic market in Diessen over here

Unknown said...

Leif, we have an Empty Bowls event in Three Rivers. The bowls are made by our elementary school students and are wonderful in their uniqueness. Thanks for sharing Eagan's event with us.

Kate said...

Terrific idea. Wish I had known about it, not that I need more pottery but it's fun things to have. A great win-win situation.

Halcyon said...

What a wonderful idea!

Jack said...

What a wonderful civic-minded community you have in Eagan, Leif.

quantum satis said...

Dette er eg. en kommentar til familiebildene dine, de gir meg assosiasjoner til diktet

"LYKKE" av Einar Skjæråsen:

Åtte øine i hverandre.

Fire munner rundt et bord.

Fire vegger kring en lykke.

Vesla, Påsan, far og mor.

Åtte hender hektet sammen

Til en ring om stort og smått.

Herregud – om hele vide

Verden hadde det så godt.

Sharon said...

An excellent cause and some beautiful bowls!

cieldequimper said...

That is simply brilliant. And I love pottery.

SH -ic said...

oh my god I m bowl addicted ..tks

Anonymous said...

What a role model of an event !

You wouldn't belive how long the lines are at various food giving organizations. Please have a good Wednesday.

Sebab said...

Beautiful art works for a great cause.

Birdman said...

Wonderful, WARM idea. I've seen this in Maine too.

Virginia said...

We have that here and our art classes at my former school made some of the bowls. I need to make sure I get to go to the next one. Thank you for the reminder!

Unknown said...

I'll wait your selective coloring photo!
Anyway, nice capture of colorful pottery bowls...

Kaori said...

A wonderful project and beautiful handmade pieces!

Kitty said...

agreed, it's a great idea. I like how it makes an already special bowl even more special. Each time you use the bowl, you can reflect on the cause.

Nice post, Leif!

jb said...

The Diessen ceramic market concept is that you get a numbered ticket with your donation and then the soup (choice of two and both really good) is served in the bowl that you've "won" in the Lucky Dip

Gabriele said...

Good Idea Leif!

Unknown said...

Great idea! Those are really cool.


excellent cause and some beautiful bowls

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