Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eagan Occasional Photo blog

Dear Eagan Daily Photo blog followers - I have run my blog for over 5 years without a day missed in posting a photo.  I'm taking a break for some time and may post photos on a more occasional basis. Thanks for your support!

Enjoy life and the journey! Here's an old photo of me in Jaipur, India in January 2012. 


Mike Ferber said...

Thanks Leif. You have made life in Eagan a very fun adventure over the years.

Christopher Cox said...

Thank you, Leif, for such dedicated work to sharing something of your city with us! Enjoy some rest!

Kate said...

Aw! I have valued your blog and enjoyed your friendship. I hope that we can still get together now and then. Promise?!!

Gunn said...

I have enjoyed your blog, and as you know I had never heard about Eagan. It was also great meeting you and your family in Oslo!! Have a nice break, and I look forward to follow your blog and see some new postings from time to time.

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Lowell said...

Read your comment a bit ago - talk about a blast from the past! You're right, though...but most of the time we don't need to build houses here like y'all do in Minnesota. The problem is that we often have hurricanes that tend to tear apart even some of the better-built homes! :) Hope that you are doing well.

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