Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Canadian surprise

Gary Hansen was surprised to see a Canadian goose at his back door. Probably a solicitor! 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Last Monday's weather


Sorry to dwell on last week's weather but I'm missing it..... it felt like summer

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Volunteer firefighter


Jeff served the Eagan community as a firefighter for several years before he and his family moved to Colorado. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Red car, railroad car


Railroad cars were parked along the track near the recycling center when I dropped off my old, dead printer. 

Friday, April 9, 2021



While walking around the paths at the Eagan Community Center, I spotted this lone fawn

Thursday, April 8, 2021

New firefighters


On Tuesday evening, 19 new, full-time firefighters were sworn in at one of the fire stations. And 18 of the new firefighters were funded through a Federal SAFER grant - one of the largest grants in the nation. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Jump off the bus, Gus


Kids were arriving home by school bus, the sun was shining and the weather felt wonderful. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hanging baskets


It must be spring.... the grocery store is now selling beautiful flower baskets

Monday, April 5, 2021

Spring sprung


The trees are budding out and spring has arrived! The snow is gone! Today will be over 75 degrees!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter cookies


Such cute, pretty, Easter cookies await you at Hyvee bakery..... 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Got Spirit?


Lavin Mansukhani captured a SPIRIT airplane flying over Eagan. It almost looks like the plane will land on the Eagan technology tower...... 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Like popsicles ...


These colorful basketball hoops will provide fun, whimsical playing for hours when they are ready

Thursday, April 1, 2021

April showers, bring May flowers!


Members of the Eagan Rotary Club's fundraiser committee smiled with their rain gear for our April theme group photo on ZOOM. RAIN or shine, our "Live to Give" fun walk fundraiser will happen on Saturday, May 15 at the Eagan Community Center by the Eagan Rotary Bandshell. 

For more details and to donate to our fundraiser, please visit our website. 


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

When will it be ready....

When the playground is finished.....

When the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly diminished...... 

When school vacation has almost started........ 

When the parking lot is completed....... 

When then? 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Oregonian dinner


Because my sister will be visiting from Eugene, Oregon.... 

Monday, March 29, 2021

High mileage


This beat up RV was parked in a nearby parking lot. It holds lots of miles and surely lots of stories.... 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Window on the wetlands


The sun was shining and blue skies greeted me on my afternoon walk. The snow and ice are off the wetlands pond. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Hop on the bus, Gus!


The school bus picked up two school kids; off they go! 


Friday, March 26, 2021

Brick oven bus


This used to be a school bus but now they bake pizzas in their onboard brick oven. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Momma and her babies


I was surprised to see her and her two fawns. They stood still while I photographed them out my car window, stopped in the road.