Friday, April 22, 2011

Dining with Brazilians

Six Brazilians were our special guests at Wednesday evening's potluck dinner along with 30 others through the Eagan Rotary Club. White sweater clad Robson is the Rotary youth exchange student at Eagan High School this year and the 5 others are visiting Minnesota from Parana state in south Brazil for one month through the Rotary International "Group Study Exchange" program. All the Minnesota hot-dishes and other foods came out after the photo session.
Left-to-right: Robson, Flavia, Mayra, Claudia, Joao and Nataniel.


Kitty said...

how nice, I'm glad you had a good time.
Happy weekend, Leif!

Janet said...

What a great exchange!

Birdman said...

Bet it was a fun evening, telling from those faces.

zakton said...

You should test the guys if they can play good soccer or not.

Dina said...

They look like a happy bunch, and why not?

Kaori said...

You have so many interesting guests! And so international, too :-D said...

A very worthwhile program. My wife went on a Rotary exchange program in the 1980's for young, professional women. She was expecting to be sent to a developing country, but they sent her to the Midlands of England. It was a great experience.

Gabriele said...

Eagan is multiculti! Warst Du schon mal in Brazil?
Ich nicht...Frohe Ostern für Dich und Deine Familie!!!

zeder said...

Schön dass du auf meine Seite gefunden hast, ein gesegnetes Osterfest und viele Grüße aus Berlin, wünscht dir Uwe-Jens

Paulo Rafael said...

Congratulations for the students, great iniciative.

riau daily photo said...

This is great, Congratulations for the students.

Kate said...

Wonderful way to get to know students from other countries. Thanks rotary club!!

Unknown said...

So I guess you've heard a lot of portuguese lately! :-) Actually it sounds very different from ours.
Happy Easter!

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