Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner with the French

Our French friend, Isabelle, and her two daughters are visiting for 2 weeks in the Twin Cities from Paris after having moved back to France over a year ago. Carine & Vincent and their three kids are a new French family from Avignon who have moved to Eagan and they are friends with Isabelle. My wife's parents also joined us for dinner on Tuesday evening.


Leif Hagen said...

Our menu: mixed salad, glazed carrots, hamballs with lingonberries, scalloped potatoes, Swedish rye bread, Italian red wine, French pudding and French chocolate cake for dessert with coffee.

Avignon said...

Eagan une nouvelle ville pour les Avignonnais ???
Tout y a l'air propre et sage...

Kaori said...

All those smiles in the photos, make me smile, too ;D

Gabriele said...

This is a multicultural dinner!
Die Kleinen sind wieder so sweet!
Herzliche GrĂ¼sse:)


All those smiles in the photos

Rob Siemann said...

Well, bon appetit! said...

a real "happy dinner"

Virginia said...

How wonderful. THe menu sounds very diverse! :)

magiceye said...

large happy family!

Janet said...

thanks for showing Eagan and your dinner with international friends. :)

Sebab said...

Egan's French connections!

Hope you all have a nice time together and a wonderful dinner. Just curious, what was the kids menu? They all look happy with the meal.

Kate said...

I think that it's great how all the children are being introduced to diverse cultures through interpersonal activities and relationships.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just discovered those pics ! Love them, good memories...Did you father-in-law eventually find out why Americans decided to help the allies during World War One ?
Bonne journee et a bientot ;)

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