Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caring Bridge

Back in 1997, Sona Mehring of Eagan created the first CaringBridge website during a friend's high-risk pregnancy. Since then, it has become widely known for the creation and implementation of "Compassion Technology" that facilitates convenient communication for people receiving care, often individuals struggling with cancer, trama, hospice or high risk pregnancies. Their current 40 Eagan employees work with a mission which reaches out in all 50 states & over 200 countries. With 10,000 people per day being diagnosed with cancer or a severe injury, etc., they feel they are only reaching 2% of those people. Spread the word about this great website resource!
"Connecting family and friends when health matters most."
Congratulations to Sona, Founder & Executive Director, and her team for making a difference!



  1. I love to read about people who care and who do something about it.
    Bless them.

  2. I didn't know this program started in Eagan. There's a lady in the Jackson arts community who sustained severe injuries after falling off the roof of a building in NYC who used this website to keep people at home updated. Very neat stuff!

  3. felicitation, c'est une belle creation

  4. I've had both friends and acquaintances use this site. It's particularly helpful for the families that can keep others updated on the patient's progress.

  5. great job you are doing here...bravo

    Good of you to publicize this, Leif!

  7. We've had a lot of contact with this group through a young friend with cancer. They do good work!

    But, were you making light of our harsh winter this year? Shame!

  8. Congratulation for doing a great job in helping others.


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