Monday, January 25, 2010

Svenska Sallskapet Winter Party

On a rainy, icy Saturday evening, 99 Swedes, Swedish Americans and other guests gathered for a black-tie, scrumptious dinner at the American Swedish Institute on Park Avenue in Minneapolis. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were served upstairs in the Grand Hall of the Swan Turnblad mansion, a grand home built in the early 1900s by a Swedish immigrant who built his fortune with a Swedish-American newspaper.
Guests processed in a "Grand March" downstairs into the candlelit dining room elegantly decorated right down to the yellow napkins hand folded by Ewa from Sweden and Mr. EAGAN daily photo blogger.

The menu was extraordinary:
Double Consomme Brunoise (Franska soppa)
"Welcome drink" of Aquavit

Baked Filet of Cod 'a la Greque with Tomato, Olives, Pimento & Bordure served in a Scallop Shell (Inbakad grekisk torsk med tomat, oliver, och kryddor)
2008 Ferrari-Carono Fume' Blanc

Poached Corned Chicken Breast with Peas & Leek Spring Roll & Horseradish Drizzle
(Pocherad kycklingsbrost med artor och purjolok varrulle med pepparrotsas)
2008 Kendall-Jackson Vininer's Reserve Chardonnay

Cosmopolitan Granite served in Martini Glass (Cosmopolitan Sorbet serverad i drinksglas)

Roasted Rib Eye Florentine (Biffstek med spenatblandning)
2005 Waterstone Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Pom Gaufrette, Asparagus & Cauliflower in Sauce Italienne (Pommefrites, sparris och blomkal i italiensksas)
2003 Churchill Port

Gateau Rubinstein with Profiteroles & Coffee (Rubinsteintarta och smordegskaka och kaffe)
The dancing to live dance music was a fun extra we all enjoyed.
Leif and wife Anne savored an unforgettable night!
Link to prior Svenska Sallskapet dinner!


  1. Why wasn't I invited? You two look very handsome and fashionable. Menu sounds divine. Love the table setting with that ring of glasses. Hmmm. Hope that it wasn't too sobering!

  2. The dinner menu sounds exquisite! I hope you had a great time =)
    Just dropped by to say thanks for visiting my blog and remember, we may have sand and beach, but at least snow and ice doesn't end up everywhere you don't want it to!

  3. Must have been a fantastic evening. Because that's what I said last year on your blog. I've never tried Greek Cod. I will have to look for those wines. And Kate should of course have been there!

  4. Fancy fancy! I've never seen so many glasses on one table.

  5. Yum, and I was going to comment on the number of glasses, too.

  6. That's me, Bibi, from a different account...

  7. So where's the doggy bag you promised to e-mail «Louis»?
    He's hungry! You can leave out the fish, and as you know, he doesn't encourage the consumption of boeuf, but he'll take you up on the chicken...and dessert! Don't forget dessert!

  8. une magnifique table, mais avec ce bouquet au milieu pas facile de discuter avec son voisin ;)

  9. Well well, sumptuous is the word! Eating again, Leif? I couldn't fail noticing many breakfasts, dinners, lunches, snacks, etc, during the last months. And what's this franska soppa??? Also many french words in the menu...Counted 14.
    But still... Very good looking, Leif and Anne!

  10. Mr. Leif and wife Anna sure looks ravishing in this icy winter party... the menu sounds elegant and i couldn't say the word yummy, it sounds normal now, think it should be something like: delightful! ^0^
    glad you both had a wonderful evening.

  11. Gosh, that looked GRAND and must have been very nice! So who is more Swedish than the other, - of you and your wife??
    Did you have the chance to speak Swedish??

  12. Look at all the wine glasses! What a fabulous menu. I am hungry just reading about it. You guys look great!

  13. My goodness! Look at all those wine glasses!

  14. Nice picture from Mrs. and Mr. Hagen.
    Sehr elegant!
    Liebe Grüsse aus Liechtenstein

  15. Here we go again - more food and drink in the icy northland!

    Don't you do anything else?

    Seriously, these are some nice shots of a rather elegant event. I really liked the shot of that beautiful woman, but I can't see why she couldn't have gotten a better date! Heh, heh!

  16. Tres elegant, Leif and Anne! Looks like a divine evening! I think we're in our blue jeans too much here in Texas. You guys look wonderful!

  17. Yum! Sounds like a great night.

    Leif, I use Picassa, can't work out how to do collages as jpgs in PSE. It might be a function of the recent upgrade, haven't found it before, but there is a page format drop down in there and underneath it, two little icons, one for horizontal, one for vertical. This is the first vertical I've done. Make sure you are running the latest version and have a look.

  18. Lovely floral arrangement. With the number of glasses on the table, methinks everybody won't notice the winter.
    Matilda has a dance card - she wears holes in her slippers!
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  19. Not surprised to find so many glasses if there were Swedes around the tables!
    (Our dinners at the Svenska Klubben in Paris are in general less fashionable!)

  20. How nice to see that there is a part of a "home within a home". Until tonight I do know about three other Germans over here in Athens.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.

  21. Oh wow, that sounds and looks like a very fancy dinner! I wouldn't know what all those goblets and wine glasses are for! Do you have any of that baked filet of cod left over? Sounds delicious! You and Anne look wonderful and I'm glad you all had a grand time!

  22. Don't know half of what was on the menu, but seeing the photo's, it looks like a grand grand event! And who is that lovely couple? ;D

  23. I'd be lost with all those glasses...

  24. Looking sharp there :) That sounds like an outstanding event and the menu mmm yummy.

  25. I am looking for the red carpet. Much elegance there. I like it.



  26. Nothing like good food and a glass of wine in the company of friends. If the cuisine flavors remind you of your motherland and roots much better.

  27. Makes you proud to be Swedish doesn't it? Loved the napkin folding. You both look like you belong on the cover of Vogue!

  28. The first composition is perfect! Well done, Leif!

  29. More importantly, what did you wear and have to eat for the Vikings game on Sunday?

  30. Wahoooooooo, there are chic parties going on in town, your tuxedo is really awesome, wish I had the same ! Don't forget to match at least the socks with the R.O.P...

  31. My father was a member in the early sixties.
    Is there a history of the 'Selskapet' somewhere where his name will appear ?


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