Monday, July 6, 2009

Market in Cannobio on Lake Maggiore

My penpal, Monica, and her husband, Peter, and I drove to Cannobio, Italy, a beautiful town along the "Lago Maggiore" (Lake Maggiore). The drive took us just 2.5 hours south of Liechtenstein. The weekly Sunday market offers leather goods, jewelry, and many other things. We enjoyed a delicious lunch together and an interesting Obama discussion with our waiter, Giovanni!

My last Europa vacation posting.


  1. Good food, good friends, good conversation — perfect! Wherever you are in the world. But being in a beautiful Italian town sure helps a lot! :)

  2. You can never go wrong in Italy. The women. The food. The women. The architecture. The women. The wine. And of course the women.

  3. That first shot is beautifully composed!

  4. What a gorgeous town. You can post all of these kinds of photos you wish...just call them Eagan in paradise.

    And have a great day. Oh, yeah, get to work!

  5. I'd like to go see it.

  6. It was a beautiful day in Cannobio.
    Nur unser "waiter Giovanni" hat mir gar nicht gefallen.....Leif, du weisst schon, was ich meine!!


  7. Very good photos of a nice place, a bit ashamed that I have never been in Cannobio.
    I am so happy in Italy that I try to spend every single day of my time off abroad...

  8. I've visited Italy twice but have never been at Lago Maggiore.
    Awesome perspective on the 1st shot!


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