Wednesday, July 15, 2009

J is for Jensen's

"Jensen's Supper Club" is one of Eagan's popular locales for drinks and dinner. They are situated along Highway 13 in northern Eagan.


  1. restaurant classique ou avec une spécialité culinaire ?
    classical restaurant or with a culinary speciality?

  2. I think it's a rather classical restaurant with good wines. Haven't been there yet myself!

  3. OH MY GOD!!!

    Ok, nice choice...

    Could you please do us a BIG FAVOUR?

    Could you start with «A» next week? We'll be starting Round 5 at ABC Wednesday, with the letter «A». The purpose is to have fun looking at all participants' choices for the same letter...

    So, on behalf of ABC Team (of which I am a proud member), I command you (LOOOOOOLL) to start with «A» next week, ok???????

    Thanks, Mate...


  4. This looks like a nice place to dine. Good food and good wine are something I definitely like!

    PS: I contacted my local rotary club about getting involved. I hope they send something back soon!

  5. That's super! J is also for joy that comes with good food and good company.

    Buenos Aires Photo

  6. Hoi Leif
    In "Jensen's Supper Club" möchte ich bei unserem nächsten Besuch mit dir unbedingt hingehen!

    Grüsse aus dem schönen Liechtenstein

  7. It appears to be a worthy establishment...I wish, however, a comment regarding the cuisine before I patronize the facility! Perhaps you would be so kind as to partake of their culinary offerings and follow that partaking with a note on your notary, oops, notable blog.

    Mucho grass.

  8. Yes, go eat there and report back to us! Take the whole family! :-)

  9. it looks so quaint situated in those pretty wooden houses. i would never have guessed that these places could be diners.

  10. Places like this are almost impossible to find in California these days - at least in the over-urbanized areas. «Louis's» friends in Wisconsin and Minnesota always take him to a place like this when he visits - and he loves it!


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