Wednesday, July 1, 2009

EMPTY flower containers!

"City Daily Photo's" July theme day is EMPTY!

With our Spring flower pots now all planted, the EMPTY greenhouse flower containers can be put away!  Grow flowers grow! 


  1. it looks messy, but funny!
    and nice picture, too!

  2. Original choice for the theme day! I hope your plants thrive and you'll post some pictures of the results.

    Happy theme day!!

  3. Love all the bright colors!

  4. Pretty! And I love the frog!
    You keep a greenhouse?

  5. Very cute Safe Leif. I knew you'd gone to pot. And I thought surely you'd show us that empty plane upon which you flew home!

    Are you home yet?

    Have a great evening, mi amigo.

  6. Nice choice for the theme day!


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