Monday, November 21, 2011

Share your blessings!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, how about donating some food to your local foodshelf? The Eagan Resource Center foodshelf is looking for these food items for its needy families for this week's holiday: turkeys, potatoes, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce & chicken broth. Food drop office times: Monday - Wednesday 9 am - 3 pm & Tuesday night 6 - 8 pm. These cheerful employees can help you! Tel: 651-688-3189 Address: 3904 Cedar Grove Parkway in Eagan
Happy Thanksgiving!


kostas said...

I think you will have a great dinner!

Destitute Rebel said...

Hello Leif,
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Thank You.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sharing and caring is always a good thing, lovely post Leif.

Pat said...

I do this whenever possible. More power to them.

VP said...

A good idea for the coming Thanksgiving, I hope they will get a lot of food...

NancyW said...

Thank you for spreading the message through your photo and words. Your caring will help to enable struggling families to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving.
We are grateful for people like you!

Jack said...

The food truck was at church yesterday. We lugged several bags of food over to it and I wrote a fairly big check. Now, we will have to do it all over again for Christmas.

Randy said...

Great photo. We had a large food drive at work for a local food bank. It was pretty successful.

lisahorn said...

We appreciate you for thinking of the Eagan Resource Center and the families we serve! Blessings! Lisa Horn

Please email us the photo! Who said you weren't a pro photographer!?#!

ruma said...

Hello, Leif Hagen.

 The graceful sense wraps your artworks.

Thank you World-wide love and, encouragement.

The traditional kimono children, it is celebrated growth.

vivid colored leaves, in lovely atmosphere.

The prayer for all peace.
I wish You all the best.

Have a good day.
From Japan, ruma ❀