Friday, September 16, 2011

Dustin finished it!

Construction of this $550,000 house built by Dustin Endres at 1811 Ellie Court began in May and finished last week. It's a beautiful 2,300 sq ft rambler home set on 0.4 acre just off Cliff Road. This "energystar" home with style, luxury and a great location is already SOLD! Click here to see Dustin as he started building this house.


Dina said...

That is something a young man can be proud of, building a beautiful house, and so quickly.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That is a fabulous house Leif and such value for the money! He should be very proud of himself.

Kitty said...

very nice job and not expensive in the least. wow.
that is really quick, too. Four and a half months? Impressive!

Jørgen said...

I like very much what I see, a very fine home - the lamps in the kitchen are perhaps not my style.
The Danish election was dramatic, 87% voted and power changed. See the new Primeminister at my blog.

Jack said...

He built a lovely home (not just a house), which will soon seem like it was always there. It is very tastefully done.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house! Way to go, Dustin!

Kate said...

To have a kitchen like that would be a dream!!

Unknown said...

I agree with Jack: the house "will soon seem like it was always there". Great job.

Fjällripan said...

Vackert hus! Jag gillar de där stora verandorna som amerikanska hus ofta har. Trevlig helg :)

Anonymous said...

Humankind is said to be inteligent, because of having fingers. What a nice proof. Please have you all a good weekend.

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Dustin Endres said...

Thank you for all of the nice compliments and comments! This home is also a model and we are having an open house on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm for anyone interested in building a new home. Thank you Leif for the great pictures!

Dianne said...

Well done to Dustin - oh! if only I had a kitchen like that - it's a credit to the builder!

Randy said...

What a beautiful home. I love the patio area.

zakton said...

A beautiful house and I'd love to sit at the porch.

JTG (Misalyn) said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the living is so elegant.

Lucas Kain said...

Oooh wow. This is a lot of money! The house is beautiful <3

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VP said...

I feel some envy for a house like this...

Rae Walter said...

Beautiful style and looking very comfortable. Amazingly short building time and seems such good value. Well done! No wonder it was sold so quickly. said...

really american style

Anonymous said...

Love it! Nice work Dustin!!~ Cynthia

The Freak Parade said...

Is there a website I can find the plans to this house?

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