Saturday, November 12, 2011

Three brave men

Three veterans spoke and received recognition at this past Wednesday's weekly Eagan Rotary lunch meeting. From left: Gordon Jonson sailed with the Coast Guard in Asia in WWII from 1942 - 1946; John Kriesel served in Kosovo and Iraq from 1999 - 2007; Tim Callister flew helicopters in Vietnam from 1968 - 1971. Friday was "Veterans Day" in the USA. Photo by guest photographer and aspiring City Daily Photo blogger Michael Proebstle.


  1. A horrible war that in Vietnam.

  2. Good for the well deserved tribute to Veterans, of all times of service. My father served in the south Pacific during World War II, and continued to serve in the n\Navy for 20 years thereafter. My brother and his wife are mental health professionals at the VA hospital in St. Cloud.

  3. Thanks to all of our service men (and women)everywhere!!! My dad was in the Navy during WW II. His name is similar to the "poster's name" - Leaf Hagen.


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