Friday, February 5, 2010

"Top Brass" met next door

This group of City of Eagan employees met Thursday in the conference room next door at Gorton Studios. The City's Senior Management Team meets monthly at various businesses. What do you think their meeting agenda was?
A. To plan for President Obama's upcoming visit in 2010.
B. Paris Hilton's recent arrest in Eagan & city crime.
C. To discuss city strategic & organization-wide issues.
D. The possibility of the Vikings ever winning a SuperBowl.
E. Other

Pictured from left to right: Dianne Miller, Assistant to the City Administrator; Lori Peterson, Human Resources manager; Juli Sydell Johnson, Parks & Recreation director; Tom Garrison, Communications director; Jon Hohenstein, Community Development director; Mike Scott, Fire Chief; Gene VanOverbeke, Director of Administrative Services; and Jim McDonald, Police Chief.
Not pictured: Tom Hedges, City Administrator and Tom Colbert, Public Works director.
(Tom was tardy and maybe the other Tom overslept?)

Photo taken with my "Lingonberry" phone


  1. Aren't they all too young for such responsible positions?!

  2. Hmmm. More food! Methinks you're saying these city employees meet for lunch and will conduct business if their mouths aren't full of food...

    Bon weekend to you, too. Enjoy your trips in your sled to the donut shop!

  3. The discussion was about something you didn't list: YOUR role in what Paris Hilton was doing that caused her to be arrested...

    You can't fool «Louis». He KNOWS you were involved!

  4. "The possibility of the Vikings ever winning a SuperBowl." ça c'est impossible ;o)))

  5. Well, some people having coffee and cake. The fact that you call your mobile a lingonberry is very evealing!
    I did get the same info than Louis, so, please, wherever cell Paris is in now, please (!!!) throw the key away! You'll be revered in ages to come as a great saviour.

  6. Jeg tror det maa vaere alternativ c......
    Noen av de andre forslagene var ganske ville!:-) GOD (H)ELG!

  7. Hello everybody! Leif wasn't bothering you again, was he? You really should just shoo him and his pesky camera away.

    Dianne has a gorgeous smile! And your police chief is quite good-looking. ;)

    Oh, and my guess is B. Though if they kick Paris out of the city, the second part of the agenda might become moot.

    I know. Me bad.

  8. Your Polic Chief is quite good-looking! They look like a nice bunch. My choice is for F. All of the above.

    Happy Friday!!

  9. You should see the Police Chief in person! He IS a handsome dude!

  10. Well, I vote for option B, Paris Hilton's recent arrest in Eagan & city crime! What could be more fun than some celebrity gossip in downtown Eagan? :-)

  11. I too think it was the Paris Hilton thing! I think she should be permanently banned from your fair city.

  12. I hope B is not the answer! LOL! She's not worth the meeting of such nice people! :-)

  13. Leif, you have got to get in these pictures and let your assistant use your "Lingonberry". I vote for choice "E" : How to stop Leif Hagen from crashing their meetings.

  14. I hope it is 'Other', which is more interesting and funny.

  15. In Israeli schools they call this multiple choice an "American test."

  16. Paris Hilton was in Eagan? Getting arrested? Man, I knew I should have been watching Fox News instead of listening to the MI governor's state of the state speech.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  17. Maybe Paris Hilton wanted to be introduced to that handsome police chief :)


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