Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Country French Winter Supper

Our friends, Harvey & Cheryl, invited us and two other church couples to their home for a scrumptious winter dinner. The ice sculpture candles signaled us that we were in for a real treat as we walked up their front sidewalk in Eagan. Harvey serves as our associate pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in St. Paul while Cheryl chairs the nursing department at Augsburg College in Minneapolis.
The delicious menu included:
Appetizer - Assortment of olives, grapes & Brie cheeses with crackers
First Course - Pate' de Campagne
Entree - Cassoulet served with haricot verts & shallots
Wines -
White Haven Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Marlborough - New Zealand
Steele Pinot Noir 2006 - Santa Barbara County
Dessert - Rustic apple galette with sweetened whipped cream
Coffee or tea


  1. LEIF!!! I was drooling about that Glorious Table Setting when I read about your Menu for that Night! WOW WOW WOW! I've never had such classy and private dinner all my life! I hope I can someday! I'm sure that will be delightful! :D

    Very Very Good Post Sir! I really liked it! See you tomorrow on my blog :D


  2. le menu est très aguichant ;) hummmmm

  3. Ahem.
    Guilty AGAIN of the sin of gluttony!
    Take this test to see where in hell you will be:Dante's Inferno Test.

  4. The table settings for all your food photographs are lovely. Is that a prerequisite for all your foodie friends?

  5. What a gracious host and hostess. What care they've taken with their guests. They must have made you all feel so welcome.

  6. Okay, that's more like it. Back to food. Which, I must admit, Minneesotans do very well, especially during the winter!

    I just hope you didn't eat too much and embarrass your hosts and the entire CDP community!

    P.S. You must be slipping. You didn't say anything sassy, funny, clever ... etc., on The Villages DP this morning.

    Are you feeling OK?

  7. You are lucky to have such gourmet friends. Sounds wonderful!

  8. It is good to enjoy good food and wine, which many post suggest you do. I have looked at the Cellears homepage to see if German wine is a possiblity. Some time in October there is a seminar about German wines. Hagen, I hope to read about your participation at that time!
    In Denmark we talk about "Ost og rødvin" (Cheese and red wine). I think it would be better to talk about "cheese and whitewine". Especially German white wines. I understand you like white wines from New Zealand. That means you will like Grerman white wines too. Do you know the possibilities?

  9. Well, this is what we call in French 'savoir-vivre', the art of living, with the right food! A tragic lack of French wines though.
    Having cassoulet here tonight as well, by the way.

  10. they don't invit me
    damned i like this menu and i take a bootle of french wine then i come

  11. Yum,Yum, Yum! I also love their Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dinnerware...makes such a nice table setting for this time of year.

  12. You also managed to include the atmosphere in your shots, so well done, and it looks like a very nice evening!

    Ps: Jacob`s comment made me smile... :-)

  13. Yummmmm.... ahhhh. JUST right.

    Now can we have a picture of the ice sculptures?

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  14. Good food. Good friends. Fine wine. What could be better? Perhaps only a gathering this Sunday if the Vikings were in the Super Bowl, as they deserved to be.

  15. Very French and yummy, though the French would have eaten the cheese and grapes after the meal!

    No matter, I'd have eaten them first had I been invited!

  16. Pushing aside the fact that he might be guilty of gluttony, «Louis» would not be offended if you e-mailed any leftover cassoulet to him...

  17. What a great party !! I hope you enjoyed that !

  18. 10 AM here, but I'm already hungry...

  19. Nice, that looks like one fine supper.


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