Friday, February 26, 2010

Blithe Spirit

Eagan High School students are performing the play, "Blithe Spirit," this week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in their school auditorium. Directed by English teacher Jerome Melchior, the two act play was written by Noel Coward. 7 cast members & 8 crew.

Here's the story line: Successful novelist Charles Condomine is leading a happy, if somewhat fussy and cantankerous life with his second wife, Ruth, when a misguided medium turns his world upside down. As part of his research for a new novel, he arranges for the eccentric and hilarious Madame Arcati to conduct a seance that accidentally summons the jealous spirit of his deceased first wife, Elvira, who then proceeds to do all she can to disrupt Charles' marriage to Ruth. Elvira's efforts eventually result in Charles being haunted by the ghosts of not one, but two wives. Continuing attempts by Charles to get Madame Arcati to correct the situation only increase the uproar, taking things from bad to worse. The confusion is eventually resolved in an outrageous ending that only the comic genius of Noel Coward could contrive.


  1. beau résumé en photos du spectacle.

  2. This school seems to have an outstanding drama department.
    «Louis» enjoys your posts about it.
    More Eagan civic pride!

  3. "Blithe Spirit" is an old chestnut for school plays because it is so manageable and successful. These students obviously did a good job! Thanks for the collage.

  4. Lieber Leif,

    was bedeutet Blithe Spirit?...verstehe ich nicht!
    Der Brunnen ist im Westen am Kurfürstendamm.
    Wie ist das Wetter bei euch in Eagan. Bei uns geht es jetzt wieder und die Temperaturen sind im plus.
    Herzliche Grüsse und ein schönes Wochenende für dich.

  5. You should be paying attention to the speaker and not checking your blog. Whaaaaaaat?

  6. Blithe Spirit never fails to amuse - amazing lifespan for a play. Near Toronto in midwinter I saw a play by amateurs, and this took me back...! I couldn't believe that even metre-deep snow was no deterrant to the enthusiasm of the players.

    I think I'll just sweat it out in our 40degC-plus temps, rather than shovel snow.

    Baie dankie.

  7. This sounds like fun! Cool collage, Leif!

  8. I'd say you probably enjoyed yourself! And I'm sure you went out to eat afterward!

  9. I was happy to see the collage of the play.

  10. What a fantastic set of photos of a great play. Alas, our school thought "Sound of Music" was fitting for our school play. Somehow I think the Nuns thought Noel Coward and Oscar Wilde not suitable for "young ladies."
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  11. Nice collage, looks like the drama students had a lot of fun with this one.


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