Wednesday, September 30, 2009

U is for Umbria

Umbria, a gourmet pizzeria, offers a menu of pizzas, pastas, hot entrees, calzones, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Umbria was started just 5 years ago and the Eagan Umbria is one of only 7 locations found only in the Twin Cites. You can enjoy Italian inspired food at 1965 Cliff Lake Road - Suite 105.
"Turning Taste into Memories."


  1. UMBRIA!!! Good sammies!

    Don't forget coffee filters:)

  2. c'est l'heure du repas ;o)) hummm

  3. Looks good from the outside.

    Re: your comment on Ocala DP - "some women"? Hah!

  4. Nice find and reflection! (Traditional) Italian food is always a good choice.

  5. Miam miam. I like good pizza.

    But I must be backward as I have posted about K :-)))

  6. I like the place, it looks perfect...

  7. We went to a small town in Umbria, Colleschipoli, when I turned 50. Wonderful food, nice people and WARM weather. Loved it. We'll go back when I turn 60......



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