Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eagan swam past Eastview!

Eagan High School's swim team added another victory to their team record by swimmingly beating Eastview High School's team on Friday evening.
Congratulations, Wildcats!


  1. Well done, Wildcats!
    Wildcats... in the water????? Hm.

  2. Those Wildcats seem to be doing quite well in all kinds of sports. Congrats!

  3. I'd be participating in indoor sports this time of year, too! Everyone seems to be having fun! I like the angle of this shot.

  4. Perhaps there may be some Olympic contenders among them!

  5. I see the "timetakers" or what it is called uses handheld stopwatches. Thats fine.
    You have lots of sporting possibilities in Eagan. Here the snow is changing to water.

  6. Hey man sieht nur die Rücken der Schwimmer!
    Das hast Du mit Absicht gemacht....HAHAHA!

  7. The water wildacats are still undefeated and remain first in the conference.

  8. took me to the age of 13 to learn to swim. always two hands full of water beneath their success. please have you all a wonderful sunday.

    daily athens

  9. hee hee....
    Good for those kids!

    You wouldn't want to see ol' «Louis» in the water...


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