Sunday, May 8, 2022

Rotarians, police chief and a superhero

On a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning, the Eagan Rotary Club held their fun and successful, 2nd annual "Live to Give walk" fundraiser at the Eagan Rotary bandshell next to the Eagan Community Center. Net proceeds will support mostly 4 main local charities:

1. Dakota Woodlands - the only homeless shelter in Dakota County.

2. DARTS - transportation for seniors.

3. The Drawer - socks and underwear for homeless people.

4. Eagan Rotary Foundation

Club President Erica Hollom, dressed as a superhero, sang the national anthem. Police Chief and Rotarian Roger New judged the costumes and started the walkers. The St Thomas Academy high school drill team performed before community walkers, Rotarians, Interacters and dogs walked the one mile track. A Mexican food truck and Mimosas were available afterwards to participants. 

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