Monday, March 25, 2013

Champion heart

Paige Martin, a local 5th grader, raises money annually to support the mission of the "Miracles of Mitch" foundation with pledges for her triathlon participation. Her run, swim, bike efforts amassed $2,050 in 2011 and last year she collected $2,800. In this summer's 2 races, she and her sister plan to skyrocket to $10,000 to help children fighting cancer! Find more info at her website here. (Hint: she loves charitable pledges....)


Kate said...

Our future is secure with kids like this one!

Jack said...

Good for her. She will do well in life.

Unknown said...

Thanks Leif for sharing this story. We are very proud the girls have devoted themselves to such a wonderful organization.

We stumbled across the Miracles of Mitch Foundation (MOMF) through the annual triathlon and registered Paige for some fun while being active. She had lots of fun but there was a much more precious, unforeseen outcome; it was watching Paige give herself freely and fully, without hesitation, to the mission of Racing for Kids who Can’t. As Paige determinedly gave herself to the cause, her sister Emily looked on and began to give her heart and passion to the cause as well.

I encourage everyone to check out the foundation website and read Mitch's Pinky Swear. Or, attend a race this summer. It is inexplicable the love you will feel when 1000 kids dedicate themselves to Racing for Kids Who Can’t! Truly amazing.

Angie and Adam Martin