Friday, March 1, 2013

Look back, look forward

I looked back in my photo archive and found this August 2011 photo.  This "Pardon My French" cafe' scene will probably not happen in 2013 since they closed in late 2012.

Friday is the City Daily Photo blog community's theme day: "Cafe' chairs." See other participants here


  1. What a colorful scene; don't you wish it looked like this now?

  2. Great photo, I used an archive photo too...
    Happy Theme Day

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! Maybe the cafe would have done better if it wasn't right next to the Jiffy Lube?

  4. Shame about the cafe closing, nice looking place to sit and enjoy a coffee in the sunshine.

  5. Are those flowers real? You'll never find thick and glowing flowers like that in here hahaha they're beautiful!


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