Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr. Yellow Shoes

Scott Needham, the owner of 2 Snap Fitness gyms in Eagan, 1 in Inver Grove Heights and another in Prior Lake, stopped running just long enough for a pose in front of this school sign. He's training for the Texas Ironman on May 19th! Go Scott go - good luck! If that's not enough, he also owns a window treatment company that sells and installs blinds, shades and shutters. 


  1. I like the yellow shoes, lol. I did a triathlon yesterday, not an ironman though. Oh, and by did, I mean took pictures. Shame the Texas Ironman isnt closer to me.

  2. An article of clothes that is fashionable is always a big hit. I like those shoes almost as the red ones I have seen and those that Garrison Keillor sometimes wears.

  3. Nice that Scott posed for you. I'm sure he's a yellow blur when running.
    happy Monday, Leif!


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