Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cousins convened

Sarah's dad, my mother and Gail's dad are siblings. We enjoyed a fun Sunday lunch together at my house with six other family members. Sarah and her boy friend Kurt came from Minneapolis; Gail and husband David drove over from River Falls.


  1. Obviously there must have been lots of family fun! Kissin' cousins?

  2. Hi Leif,

    Beautiful family shot, definitely a memory keeper!

    So sorry you wasn't able to join this week, but that's ok, we'll be here when you can join back in!
    Yes, you can use the Barn Charm logo... That's one's my latest. I really like yours, too! =)

  3. Family reunions are the best :)

    Thanks a lot for visiting my post and leaving a kind comment! I too am fond of sunsets - quite nothing like them...

    Greetings from Tel Aviv :)

  4. We're all family, one way or another.

  5. That sounds like quite the family gathering Leif.

  6. Leif, you are becoming a common face in your CDP... Nice shot and lovely happy faces!

  7. Hope they enjoyed their visit!


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