Monday, November 23, 2009

Eagan Rotarian series #10

Eagan Rotarian Jerry Schommer serves as the Senior Pastor of Woodcrest Church. The inter - denominational church is connected with the Minnesota Baptist conference with about 1,000 church members. Two other pastors, three ministry directors and four other staff people shepherd the growing flock of believers. Woodcrest church offers contemporary worship with a community orientation. They have been at 525 Cliff Road since 2000.


  1. Crikey, now THAT's a church-and-a-half...

  2. Nice building, could imagine it a bit further south, in the Mesas

  3. Very interesting. I liked a lot this building!

  4. Dette ligner veldig paa det vi kaller "arbeids kirke", hvor mange ulike aktiviteter skjer for både barn, unge og gamle,

    Jeg skal poste et foto, så du får se likheten.

    Dette var dagens dose med norsk......

  5. thats one big church building :-)

  6. Gracias por la visita y comentario, he paseado por tu blog y es un placer, un saludo desde España.

  7. The 1000 members all worship in the same hall? Or is it split into different worship timing?

    That's a huge church!

  8. Your leather jacketed Pastor looks like the "Fonz"
    Re earphones - the answer is no. But I have been known to lean across and say to people chewing gum with their mouth open,"I'm sorry, I can't hear a word you're saying, I left my hearing aid at home."

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