Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring, not yet…

My view as I arrived at work on Wednesday morning…. fresh snow, again! 


  1. We have had two days with fresh snow, but it has already started to melt away. Today is Vårdagjämningen.

  2. Lucky you! We haven't had a flake of snow all winter. Couldn't go sledding or nuttin'!

    I'd guess you're a bit tired of it by now, though. I remember March in Minneapolis. You'd get teased by a glimmer of sunshine and a whiff of warm weather and then "Bam!" You'd get blasted with another storm.

    But you are hardy and hearty and will live through it all! :)

  3. We've had no Winter at all over here just wet and windy.

  4. You definitely got more snow than we did up in Detroit Lakes. No snow at all on Wednesday here although we did have a light dusting this morning. Please, please stop snowing!!


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