Sunday, February 16, 2014

Up went the garage door...

Four more inches of snow came down on Saturday…… Is it spring yet?!


  1. Wow, your photo is a study in depth!
    Good luck with all that white stuff.

  2. Pretty, but you must be very tired of it by now.

  3. Wow! That is an insane amount of snow! Do you find that this amount of snow makes your garage door not work properly? I only ask because it's the name of your photo caption and snow that high is sure to do to yours what it did to ours. My husband is still outside trying to fix ours! Snow is pretty damaging stuff!

    Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

  4. Sorry to hear that winter has been so relentless over the season. We had so much snow up in our home as well, and I spent most of my mornings sweeping and cleaning the side walks. It is a real hassle when you only have limited time and 2 pairs of hands to do the job. Great picture, though!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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