Monday, October 1, 2012

Last lunch

Allison Butler worked with me at my HFN office for 6 years. We celebrated on our last day working together at the Lone Oak Grill on sunny Friday afternoon.  THANKS, Allison!


  1. Schade, dass Allison nicht mehr bei HFN office arbeiten kann. Ich glaube, Leif und Allison waren ein gutes Team. Jetzt muss Leif mehr arbeiten und weniger herumreisen..!!
    Wir w√ľnschen Allison eine gute Zukunft und vor allem gute Besserung.
    Familie Grigis

  2. Last day? I hope it is something to celebrate rather than a sad parting! Whatever it is, Allison looks great!

  3. I remember her. That lunch looks tasty. I wish her good luck in the future.

  4. Best wishes for her in her new job!:)
    I have always thought it was nice that you included her in your blog too, and your lunches always looks yummy!
    Still summer where you are???


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