Saturday, October 20, 2012

Explosion of colors

Thomas Lake filled my eyes with yummy autumn-nes!


  1. One of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes doubles the color in your photo. Well done.

  2. This makes me want autumn to come a bit earlier here! Lovely.

  3. Hi Leif
    Stunning fall colours.I am currently travelling in the US.Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Namaste Ram - Camp Boise

  4. Ahha ... I see you have changed the address of the CDP logo in your side-bar, Leith. Many thanks.

    I am trawling our members today leaving a very similar message for everyone. Here 'tis:

    The CDP portal roared back into life this week.
    Have you checked to see that your blog is listed?
    Who else covers your town, or your region?

    Voting for the December Theme Day poll commences Thursday 25th October - this Thursday!
    Don't forget, the Theme Day on 1st November is 'The Water's edge.
    Now, how to capture the tension on the edge of the water as a dragonfly alights?

    The City Daily Photo portal - check it out now!

  5. Hei vaan Leif...
    Hienosti näkyy syksy sielläkin edistyvän.
    Ruskaa hiljaisuudessa...!
    Terveisin Eko

  6. The title covers exactly the shot!! Beautiful!

  7. warm autumn colors at the best.see you!!!!!!

  8. Almost a painting, with gorgeous colors...


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