Monday, June 18, 2012

Biker dudes

This BMC - Hincapie Sportswear development biking team has been staying with host families in our neighborhood and nearby during the Nature Valley Grand Prix professional cycling festival this past week.  From left: team masseur, team mechanic, 6 bikers and team coach.

Ty Magner in the black jersey won the overall junior category of this week's collection of races. He and his older brother were fun guests to welcome into our home. Congratulations, Ty! 


  1. Nice shots.
    I was just reading about Ride to Work day, which is today. But I think they mean on motorcycles.

  2. Passing a bicycle shop every day, and there is that wonderful wonderful bike, makes me dream... And then, I see the price...

  3. Congratulations. Years since I've been on a bike. Please have a good Tuesday.

  4. I'm sure they had a good time with you!

  5. Cyclists are the coolest people.


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