Friday, October 15, 2010

Tribute & Memorial Dedication

Margo Danner, a woman with a dream, and Tom Mullon, a man with military connections, joined together with local military, Eagan Police officers, Eagan Firefighters, City Council members and many Eagan citizens to dedicate a new site behind the Eagan Community Center. A WWII veteran led the "Pledge of Allegiance," a Police Chaplain invocated, Mayor Maguire spoke and Margo thanked many people and challenged others to join in completing the project with donations. A life size bronze Policeman statute and bronze Firefighter statue were unveiled with a bronze Military statue to be added at the completion of the fundraiser.


  1. Sometimes dreams are what make us rich people.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  2. Super Bilder Leif! Ich habe gerade überlegt wie Du so aussehen würdest in einer Polizeiuniform....
    Greetings from Berlin:-)

  3. WOW, You took some great pictures. Thanks for participating with your camera and contribution,


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