Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twin physic teachers

Kalin Laurent is 4 minutes younger than his brother Travis. Both teach high school physics in the Twin Cities, play acoustic guitar, graduated from St. Thomas University and they wore matching sandals. TK Laurent Music played at yesterday's Eagan Market Fest, fun pop country music with a sense of humor. They play at bars, restaurants, weddings, private parties & community events!

Their motto: "You want music, we'll play."


  1. Music at the market is always a shopping pleasure. Your interview of the Laurent boys got lots of good information. Are they from the Cities originally?

  2. I like their motto! Aren't you a twin also? :)

  3. @Kate - not sure if they're Minnesota born.
    @Halcyon - yes, and I'm 9 minutes older than my twin.

  4. Buskers in Minnesota! Seems a lot like England, doesn't it? Your comment today on Hartford Daily Photo made me giggle a bit, because two weeks ago I WAS surreptitiously in England, but I used auto-posting to continue posting Connecticut photos during that time. If you make any Italian comments next week, I am going to ask security to check into you . . .

  5. What a joy to see such teachers and the ability for them to be. Please have a good Friday.

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  6. How great that they both have big smiles? Glad to see people enjoying what they do.


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