Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lakes of Eagan series #6

Fish Lake is of our 16 primary lakes in Eagan. Just East of Pilot Knob, North of Wescott Road and East of Denmark Avenue, this 31.4 acre lake with a maximum depth of 33 feet is situated near the City Hall and Dakota County Library.
The fish species include: bluegills, bullheads, catfish, large mouth bass, northern pike, perch and walleyes. Beyond the parking lot, one finds a boat ramp, walking trail and fishing pier. I wanted to take out the green canoe for a scenic ride...


  1. And, did you take the canoe for a ride? It's a wonderful way to enjoy a calm, serene lake; your girls would love it. How about fishing? Do you enjoy that too? That also is very therapeutic.

  2. Looks a calm sort of place. What is it that's for rent?

  3. un bel endroit pour les amateurs de peches

  4. What a fantastic variety of fish in your lake. I am envious. You know how Manila's waterways are all dead. :(

  5. I could travel by canoe only once in my life. It was an amazing experience.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  6. This seems to be a great place to explore. I would love to!

  7. «Louis» is surprise to read that the omnipresent Congressional Bottomfeeder isn't listed among the species of fish...

  8. Just in case your loyal readers haven't seen examples of that predator fish species, the Congressional Bottomfeeder, here are three varieties of the species:
    1) The Wide Mouth Pelosi
    2) The Finger-Flipping Reid
    3) The Banking Queen Frank

    All three are members of the sub-species corruptus democratus.


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