Friday, August 27, 2010

Double what??

What does that mean? Double bacon? Double cheese? Double order? I guess I'm just not a Burger King aficionado.


  1. What about double everything? Yummm! :D

  2. Hey, Leif, from a mathematical and economical recession standpoint, maybe they mean for each $1 you pay they will count it as $2 just to help you out during this bad economy..."buck double"...We only wish, ha?

  3. I think it means double buns. You will get two pieces of bread with every hamburger!

  4. I hope that they, too, are developing more healthy foods as some other fast food restaurants are attempting. The "double" doesn't seem to be going that direction, tho.

  5. hee hee...
    It's double the fat content at no extra optional additional added cost...
    Here's why: this unit is owned by the local cardiologist and the lease payment on his 7-series Beamer is coming due....


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