Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Beep Beep" the Jeep & the guys

Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire and Councilmen Paul Bakken and Gary Hansen together just bought a 1970 AMC Jeep for $1,800 to use during their re-election campaign. All three guys are bidding for another 4 year term in the upcoming November 2 election.

An old right sided steering wheel equipped Jeep is perfect for stuffing mailboxes with their informational campaign brochures. "Beep Beep," formerly a U.S. mail truck, has driven over 107,000 miles and was found on Craig's List from an owner in Fergus Falls.
Good luck guys! Good luck "Beep Beep" the Jeep!


  1. Funny! I am sure this is going to get them some attention.

  2. hee hee!
    Clever recycling of the Jeep by this trio!

  3. A car in America with the steering wheel on the right side! I wonder how that happened?
    Thank you for your good wishes Lief, how is everybody in Minnesota? (Every time I hear the word Minnesota, I think of Ingrid Bergman - Sister Mary Benedict from The Bells of St. Mary's)
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  4. The election is in November and these guys are campaigning in June!

  5. It is a nice idea. The men are likeable guys, aren't they? I wish them good luck.

  6. Beep beep to the political roadrunners! And happy birthday to you, Sir Leif of Eagan!

  7. Lovely Shot and nice Jeep !!:)...

    You have seen mine too !!

    Unseen Rajasthan

  8. Do the people know that your unique jeep was used as an ice cream truck in Fergus Falls, MN. for several years?

  9. I suppose it goes without saying they are politicians and try anything to stay elected.


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