Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Y is for YMCA

Eagan has its own YMCA facility located at 550 Opperman Drive across the street from the Thomson Reuters campus. Now's a great time to join! Do you know the YMCA song and motions?
"We build strong kids, strong families and strong communities."


  1. Sounds like a good bargain, song and all...

  2. I have one not a block from my house and I have yet to join. I need too though. Maybe after shot put season is over.

  3. Are you a member? I could imagine that you would find it useful in the know, to help soothe your aching back from all that snow-shoveling.

    We have a very nice, very big YMCA here not far from our house...but I get enough exercise lifting my coffee cup.

  4. Also wanted to ask why you persist using that stupid word verification thingy? You don't need it. If you get a comment you don't like (like this one) all you have to do is delete it.

    Word verification is a bigger pain than a snowblower that won't start!

  5. can't say I know a lot about them, apart from an old song from some village guys... The closest I've been in touch with them was in Jerusalem, where they have a poste restante service, and a very nice café. Used to read my mail with coffee and scones.

  6. Like Rob my only experience with YMCA was in Jerusalem. I agree about the place and the café!

  7. Living here in Athens, I haven't seen any yet, neither did I while roaming the streets back in Hamburg, Germany - may be however that I wasn't able to see.
    A wonderful Thursday for you all !

  8. if the discount is so much how high could the membership fee be?

  9. I thought the letters YMCA designated primary colors :
    - Yellow
    - Magenta
    - Cyan
    - And I ask myself why "A" for Black... ! (in fact it's a "K" !)


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