Thursday, October 8, 2009

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

Yesterday, Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke at our Eagan Rotary club lunch meeting. I had the honor of introducing him; he gave a great "presidential" handshake. Terry, our Rotary International exchange student from Taipei, was happy to be photographed with the governor, too.

Governor Pawlenty launched a political action committee and Web site recently as he continues to lay the groundwork for a potential presidential bid in 2012. Mr. Pawlenty, age 48 and fellow Eagan resident, was on Senator John McCain's vice-presidential short list in 2008.

Photo taken by fellow Eagan Rotarian, Michael Proebstle.


  1. en effet il semble heureux d'etre pris en photo

  2. If he wins, what about you as a VP? Anyway, he looks quite happy to be on a photo with you and Terry. An honor for him!

  3. I am so sorry to see that you're running around with such a sorry politician, Safe Leif!

    Oh, well...what else is there to do in frozen north?

  4. A President and a Governor in the same photo!

  5. Can you hear I am laughing????? ;-)
    I really liked your "martian" comment on my blog! What a sharp and creative mind you have! :-)
    Anyway, nice photo on your blog too.


  6. No one is asking the important questions here. What was on the menu?

    And what about poor Terry, hanging out with the old guys, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun!


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