Saturday, August 29, 2009

Park and ride

If you want to park your car here in Eagan, then exit off highway 35E north onto Pilot Knob Drive and park at the Eagan Transit "park and ride" center.

The Minnesota State Fair is a huge annual event held at the St.Paul fairgrounds. This year is runs from August 27 - Labor Day, September 7!

Check out their website to see more:


  1. So, there really is such a thing as Pilot Knob Drive! Amazing!

  2. One of my favorite Minnesota events! What great times we had! That was years ago, of course. When Eagan didn't exist. Hell, Safe Leif probably didn't exist!

    The good ol' days. Heh. Heh!

  3. Fantastic - memories of good times in Eagan, rekindled all over again!

    Take care Leif!

  4. I visited the website. Wow, that looks like a really huge event. I bet it brings a lot of fun and excitment to everybody. Have fun!

  5. Huge event!
    I hope you enjoy.

    Best regards

  6. My friend Bridget from St Paul was going over to the state fair yesterday with her brothers and their kids.

  7. I would love to go! We have a smaller fair here in the fall called the North Florida Fair.

  8. This is definitely the best way to get to and from the fair, which is a blast by the way. Go there each year!!

  9. I've seen this state fair on a tv show. Lots of very interesting food. :-)


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