Wednesday, August 19, 2009

O is for Oak Cliff Place!

If you need a financial advisor or investment advisor, please come and visit me at my Hagen Financial Network office. If you are turning age 65 and need Medicare supplement health insurance, email or call me!


  1. One would be lucky to work in such a beautiful, architecturally interesting building with a guy who's as funny and charming as you, Safe Leif!

    Hey, is that Marge in the background??

  2. ça fait un peu loin ;o))
    this makes little far ;o))

  3. Hoi hoi Leif

    Das ist gute Eigenwerbung....

    Liebe Grüsse aus Liechtenstein

  4. I went to a financial advisor once. He said there was no hope. Or, maybe that was a doctor...hmm...

    Does Pistachio almond ice cream count as a "green veggie"? It is green!

  5. I suppose it's never too late for a financial advisor!


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