Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eagan NIGHT!

City Daily Photo's August theme day is "NIGHT!" The clouds as seen from my driveway almost covered the night sky as the Eagan day came to a close!

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  1. Love the delicate blues in that sky!

  2. Nice "going to be dark" night shot. LOL

    I had problems and could only come up with the straw hat idea.

    Thank you for being so kind to come and visit me. I feel like an invalid sometimes since I have problem breathing and have to use oxygen and can't get out and about like I once did. I used to be immortal and then learned I wasn't.

    This has been the coldest July ever recorded here in Ohio where we live. And it was only 59 F here this morning. So August is starting out OK but I fear a climate change is on the way and each year it will disrupt the lives of more birds and butterflies.

  3. Would also have made a great skywatch picture

  4. Although the sky looks the same wherever in the world, it's always awesome!

  5. Love to watch Eagan blue sky.

  6. Thank you Leif for your very kind comment about my night sun... !
    Your clouds are becoming overnight...
    What will happen ?

  7. Thank you for your comment about my photo posted today of the total solar eclipse 10 days ago in the South Pacific. Thank you as well for being the catalyst for a new Daily Photo site in Afghanistan.

  8. Beautiful shades of blue over the silhouetted trees.

  9. Night meets day is a clever idea for the them. As always I have enjoyed reading your comments on blogs too.

  10. It looks like a few rain clouds are heading in your direction, way off in the distance. Nicely done.

    Slinger - Twin Cities

  11. You have the most beautiful blue night sky I ever saw!

  12. Great skies for theme day! Thanks for your visits and kind words! Cheers Leif!

  13. Almost? You are so funny, Safe Leif...must have had a long day, heh?

    And Leif said:

    I thought I would die
    Cried "Why, Lord, why,
    Does the theme have to do
    Be 'bout the night?"
    But I got off my butt
    Went to look at the sky
    Said that's gonna be close,
    If not almost right.

  14. Overcast, eh? Looks a lot like the sky here. ;-)

  15. Wonderful!!
    Thank you also for your beautiful poem about the
    «Right light at NIGHT
    a beautiful sight
    with all my might»



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