Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shop or eat in "Town Center"

Whether you like eating Indian food at "Sambol" or need to pick up doggie biscuits at "Chuck & Don's" or have a desire for ice cream at "Cold Stone Creamery," Eagan's "Town Center" is the place to go! 


  1. I love Cold Stone Creamery, so I would probably be there, especially if it was as hot there as it is here!

  2. Town Center as a place name, street name, etc., has become very popular around the country these days...reflects, I think, the wish of the developers to get folks to think they're back in their old home towns...

  3. I can't believe Minnesota's eighth-largest city has more choice than Mississippi's biggest city!! I envy you that Indian resto.

  4. Yep, Indian it is for me. The hotter the better. Enjoy the Champs-Elysées and have a thought for those in endless meetings!

  5. Hi Leif, ich schreibe mal in Deutsch!
    Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut ...mein Englisch leider nicht. Ich liebe amerikanische Shoppingcenter ...da kann ich den ganzen Tag bleiben und einkaufen und essen ...herrlich ;-)
    Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin


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