Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not counted?!

While in Birmingham last week, I witnessed this demonstration against the recent Iranian elections. Behind me were the crowds with flags and banners. This young man insisted on covering his face even as far away as England!

Where is our CDP blogger friend, Amir from Tehran?! He has not posted since June 17!


  1. I wish Iranian people's struggle show some positive results...very soon....(and we take democracy in our country for granted)

  2. Looks like you participated in a protest rally too!

    Regardless of who won the election, regardless of race or beliefs, it is heartwarming to see so many people expressing their outrage at the violence being done by their own government to the people of Iran. I truly hope the violence ends soon.

  3. Good post for today. You should link to it!
    You can check out the how to here:

  4. Great post, Leif! This guy covering his face IN ENGLAND, shows how unsafe iranians must feel! It's a shame!

  5. Excellent, Safe Leif! Stay safe!


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