Wednesday, June 24, 2009

G is for golf club

I snapped this golf club photo on an early Saturday morning. Foursomes were being called to tee off. Hit the GOLF ball long and straight! This club is situated along Cliff Road.


  1. Looks like a nice place! I saw on the weather you are getting some heat up there. It has been unbearable here for the past week. Seven straight days of temps over 100 degrees.

  2. Do you play? I'm headed out to another Robert Trent Jones course for the July 4th weekend! This time in Mobile. Can't wait!!!

  3. A golf club on Cliff road is very appropriate for if I take a golf club in hand and there is a cliff nearby, it's hit the road, jack!

    I expect that you're a member here, so I'll also expect that on my next visit you shall invite me to come out there with you and beat those little white balls to smithereens. They are of the devil, you know!

  4. nice & clean place. great shot!


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