Monday, June 22, 2009

Frannie the Fed Ex lady

She delivers our office express packages with a smile wearing a variety of cool, funky glasses. But she's always in a hurry, hurry, hurry!! Zip, zip, zip! She has to go, go, go and deliver, deliver, deliver!


  1. I've noticed all them seem to be in a hurry! Glad she stopped long enough for the portrait.

  2. Hard work is OK but I do hope she finds some time to breathe now and then.

  3. Being in the delivery business is tough! But she seems to enjoy.

    Buenos Aires Photo Blog

  4. Fun shot, Leif. But aren't most people in Minnesota on the go, go, go?

    At least she doesn't work for Best Buy!

    Hope you had a good day and a better one tomorrow!

  5. But is she ever on time? Only kidding. Nice with a portrait of the locals.


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