Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wild park models

These Canadian geese posed nicely for me in Thomas Lake park.  Their two friends ran out of the picture! 


  1. Beuatiful shot! So peaceful and quiet... And this lovely couple seems wonderful!

    BTW, thanks for your comment in our blog. Yor blog is very cool!

  2. They are Majestic!!!!!
    Welcome to CDPB and thank you for «dropping» by!!!!!

  3. Leif Hagen, that sounds very Swedish or Scandinavian to me. I lived a couple of years in Stockholm and I would meet a Leif every other day.... Hage might be Danish though... thanks for your comment. Yes old people need shoes aswell so I gues this is the type of shop we will need to go to in a couple of years.... :)

  4. These Canadian geese get around we have quite a few on the lake in the park a short walk from my place. Nice photo.
    Leeds Photographer

  5. That's a superb shot, Leif.
    I'm thrilled about all of water-fowl.

    If you like to see more Canada geese:
    Montezuma Wetland

  6. Lief, thanks for popping by my blog. The wildlife and scenery in your part of the world is so different from what we have here.

  7. Great photo. Nice of them to pose for you like that.

  8. They really know how to pose! :-) Beautiful geese, we don't have those here.

  9. like them, as I told you I am a goose sometimes myself.


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