Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not funny!!!

Thursday's snowstorm ruined everyone's day. Is this photo from December 11 or April 11?


  1. I'm going to guess April Leif because I know you guys have been having some crazy cold weather ! Wonder when it'll stop?

  2. Not funny is absolutely correct. A neighbor has a huge snowman on her front lawn and that's not funny either.

  3. If not for the yellow sign I'd think it was a black and white photo.
    You seem to be living in a white world lately. No, it's not fair.

  4. OH NO! That's terrible! I mean, I love to watch falling snow & all, but only in winter months... & April ain't no winter month, it's full on spring! Maybe it won't last long & it'll be gone before ya know it.

    SO SO SO SORRY! I forgot about Lake Day Friday... I added it to my linkbar list at the top of my page, so i'll join next week

  5. This is April?

    I appreciate your photos that show the weather because then I know when I should call my brother in Minnesota and rub it in.


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