Monday, February 4, 2013

Retirement speech

Tom Hedges, Eagan's only city administrator, spoke to his fellow Eagan Rotarians at Wednesday's weekly lunch meeting. Under Tom's extraordinary guidance for 36 years, our city grew from a village of 14,000 to Minnesota's 9th largest city of 64,000 inhabitants. Congratulations and thank you, Tom!

Guest photographer: Eagan Rotary President Brent Cory


  1. Now that is quite an accomplishment!

  2. Hope he has a restful retirement since he obviously has been busy! PS. Now when I view your blog I imagine you in your office, surrounded by your lovely artifacts.

  3. I didn't have to give a speech on my retirement day, I just clicked my heels and skipped down the hall!

  4. Quite an accomplishment! Echoing your thoughts Leif on congratulating Tom!

  5. It is impressive that he has been in a leadership position for 36 years. That says something good about him and good about Eagan.


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