Sunday, September 2, 2012

Royal Wildcats

My longtime penpal, Monica in Liechtenstein, posed with her family in front of the Prince of Liechtenstein's royal castle in Vaduz. We spent several wonderful days with them but now it's just a fond memory of our family vacation in Europe. 
(left-to-right: Martina, Peter, Monica, Sergio & Julia)


  1. When your children return to school and are asked what they did during their summer vacation, if they say they went to Lichtenstein, they will likely get some interesting reactions. Some of their class mates might ask, "Is that a town in Wisconsin?"

  2. Dieses Photo ist mit viel Spass vor dem Schloss Vaduz entstanden.....


  3. I agree with Dave... most kids will have no clue where Lichtenstein is... I be surprised if they even picked the correct continent!

  4. You brought them the right souvenirs.

    I happen to know where Liechtenstein is because when I moved to Israel in 1968, the most inexpensive route was NYC-Reykjavik-Liechtenstein on Icelandic Airlines. Then I, too, visited a longtime penpal in Mainz for a few days.
    That was when foreign penpals wrote snail mail.


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