Friday, August 24, 2012

Stu & Mary Jane's baby

Did you drive a similar car in 1956? Tell me...


  1. Of course! I had three of these cars. And maybe as many as five! But it was so long ago that I can not remember :)

  2. If I had been able to drive in 1956, I sure would have.

  3. I am of the generation of '76, so no, I didn´t, but I'd love to do it today.

  4. wow ! like that !!!

    greetings from Mantito(U)a !


  5. When I was a sophomore in high school my mother bought a new 1955 Bel Air 2 door hardtop, ivory over turquoise just like the one you posted except that yours is a 1956. The 1955 Chevy was available for the first time with a V8 which was very peppy.


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