Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Yellow Ribbon City Parade

Eaganites and many others gathered at 10 am for the July 4th parade down Yankee Doodle Road.

The parade was just one of many Eagan 4th of July Funfest events! So much fun for all!

We saw police motorcycles, many firetrucks, clowns, marching bands, floats, princesses sitting in convertibles and more! 


  1. If we stay home next year, we'll definitely join Eagen in 4th of July festivities. We are now in Bailey's Harbor, Wi (giving up the Island for awhile), missed the Parade because we were still in Green Bay in the morning, but loved the fireworks display (the best ever!) despite the black, threatening clouds that rolled in with a little rain. Glad we stayed despite the mass exodus of people with small children who ran to safety. It looked pretty terrible for awhile but it turned out okay. Love it here!!


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