Monday, January 31, 2011

My wine secrets

1. I'm not a "Master Sommelier"
2. I like a great deal on wine
(ex. 6 bottles for $60.75 > 27% off my purchase on January 27)
3. The Cellars semi-annual progressive wine sale ends on Monday, January 31 with 31% off the sale price
4. Real men drink white wine, too!
=> wine in photo from left: 3 Chardonnays, 1 Malbec and 2 Pinot Grigios
What wine do you like? How much do you spend on an average bottle of wine? Do you prefer red or white wine?


  1. My favourite wine is made in La Rioja. But my favourite drink is Pisco, have you drunk Pisco Sour?



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  2. I don't drink any more. I had enough alcohol in the first half of my life to last for multiple lifetimes. When I buy wine to serve others, I aim in the $15 - 20 per bottle range.

  3. I like white wine more than red :-D

  4. hee hee...
    Why didn't you show the bottle of Château Screwtop you normally swill? Were you letting it age an extra day since it was only made last Thursday?
    The inquiring mind of «Louis la Vache» wants to know...

  5. What does it say about me that I immediately recognized the counter at Cellars? Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to get over there!

  6. I prefer white to red because the latter gives me pounding headaches. I shop for wine anywhere from $8-20 dollars a bottle. Some of my favorites are Greek wines, Moshofilero & Santorini wines.

  7. Gladly I live in a country where wines are excellent, so I don't need to spend much money to drink a good one. :-) My favourites are the red wines from the Alentejo region and of course an old Port from the north.

  8. My favourite drink of the moment is Prosecco a cheaper Italian version of Champagne! Other than that I prefer white, sauvignon blanc and normally being a cheapskate nothing more than £5 a bottle ($7.95 at current rates)

  9. Hej Leif! I am fan of wines too, I discovered arrogant frog, it's a treat.. :)
    Are you on Facebook? I can show you the collection I made.. :)

  10. Ich trinke gar keinen Alkohol! Da kann ich nichts zu sagen...;)Herzliche Grüsse von uns 2.
    Ich bin im Moment ein bisschen schreibfaul aber ich denke an Dich und deshalb bin ich hier in Deinen Blog...ha!

  11. I prefer water, but I like French Chablis, such as Laroche, in whites, and Australian Shiraz in reds (Bin 555).. but doesn´t a real woman drink one beer every now and then too:)

  12. I remember a vendange tardive, in the early eighties, a miracle... Pfersigberg, an Alsace wine.
    I am from Alsace, home of 7 white wines and 1 rose. I am quite partial to the white stuff.

  13. I like it a lot. White, dry with bubbles or without. I'm cheap too! :)

  14. Red here and I would say around 15 dollars average is what I will spend. I love Riojas too but a good Malbec from Argentina is great too. I also love Pinot Noirs from Oregon/California. Oh and my favorite wine movies are Bottleshock and Sideways.

  15. I prefer Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Riesling. Have just bought some 2009 Riesling Trocken from Weingut Gunderloch, Nackenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany. Gunderloch Riesling is outstanding.

  16. I live in Tuscany, so I don't have to answer about what wine I drink: it's in the air here...
    Not a great wine drinker, but I mostly like Italian wines. Red, of course.
    Here you can find a decent bottled wine (nothing fancy) starting at 3-4 Euro.

  17. Red wine of course !
    The only one that's good for health.
    With moderation...


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